Jewellery Gallery

Here is a selection of my jewellery which is hand crafted by me in my studio in Cornwall using silver, copper and semi precious stones.  My jewellery is very rustic and natural looking.  It’s the style of jewellery I like to wear.  I take inspiration from the colours of the Cornish countryside especially the blues and greens of the sea and sky, and the pinks and purples of the coastal flowers and heather.

My designs are available to purchase in my shop Bramble Patch Designs.  I have a few favourite pieces which I recreate more than once but mostly my designs are one offs.  Due to my use of natural stones and metals all items are individual and it can be quite challenging to match up stones for earrings or sets of matching items when I need to.

I always start by choosing a stone and then I decide which setting would suit it best.  My favourite design is the necklace above with the pink opal in the copper, which is really pretty but more striking in a silver and carnelian version.  This unusual setting is a very good back drop for a small (or not so small) nugget.  It is the design I wear most myself and I have taken commissions for this design using other stones.

A lot of my jewellery has an aged patina applied to it to add character and to take away the ‘just made’ look.  The copper and opal necklace has a very dark patina which works well with the warm rose pink of the opal.

I really enjoy making wire wrapped earrings and hammering metal into the shape I want, to create contemporary pieces.


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