Handspun Yarn

I’ve been busy with my new Kiwi spinning wheel for the past couple of weeks and now find it easier to use than the borrowed one I had been using.  It is costing a fortune in fibre but I’m finding it a bit addictive and it’s not leaving much time for knitting or sewing!

I’ve put another section in my shop: Bramble Patch Handspun for my handspun yarn.  The first item in this section is ‘Avalow’ which means ‘apples’ in Cornish.  I have used shades of salmon, mulberry, green and pink to create this apple coloured skein.   It is handspun from soft corriedale fibre which has become even softer and fluffier after washing.

Corriedale wool is perfect to be worn next to the skin and can be also be used for children’s clothes.  As it is a natural wool which can felt, it does need to be hand washed gently in cool water.

I shall be adding to this section over the next few weeks.