Hand Dyed Yarn

Another new section in my shop: Bramble Patch Hand Dyed for natural yarns hand dyed in my studio in Cornwall.  When I dye fabric and wool for my own use I rely on completely natural dyes from my garden and kitchen and I know that I may have to re-dye them if they fade .  But the yarns in my shop need to be colour-fast, so I have used commercial acid dyes for these.  That sounds scary but the only acid used is a couple of tablespoons of distilled vinegar.

All the hand dyed yarns newly introduced into my shop are in a soft merino 4 ply or sock weight and are 400 m long.  Kammneves is a rainbow coloured merino yarn.  I have used two methods of dyeing Kammneves but have used the same batch of dyes so the colourway is exactly the same.  The one pictured above has been hand painted while the other two were kettle dyed.

Koswik is hand painted in fabulous bright greens and yellows like a forest and Koswik law is kettle dyed in the greens and pinks of exotic birds and flowers in the rainforest.

I just love these hand dyed yarns.  In fact once I had taken all my photographs I had second thoughts about selling them especially the hand painted version of Kammneves.  I shall try to resist temptation but if it doesn’t sell soon you might see me down on the beach with a beautiful rainbow coloured, hand dyed, lacy scarf!